Sara Marin – “Vertigo” (2016)

Sara Marin shows off her range with the second album, Vertigo

Twitter and Spotify is a wonderful place for music lovers as you can find so many new faces in music from all different countries. Today we take a listen to Sara Marin, a pop singer-songwriter from Spain, and her sophomore album, Vertigo. The album, under Sony Music Spain, released this past May.

Sara Marin began her career in 2005 with the band Varianza, where she composed the songs as well as vocals for the group. But when the group disbanded, Sara decided to dedicate her time to her career and went solo. Focusing on the pop genre, she added hints of folk and country to her sound to create an image that she liked. Her first album was released indie under Avispa Music.

The single, “A mil kilómetros” (A thousand kilometers) reached the Top50 on radio charts in Spain. The attention landed her a deal with Sony Music Spain, and now, we have her second album, Vertigo.

Sara Marin Vertigo achieves a classic rock style infused with pop and country

When I think of artists that infuse country with pop, I immediately identify with the Mexican duo, Ha-Ash, because they are so prominent here in the Texas Latin pop crowd. That doesn’t sit well with me, and I always have a preconceived notion going into a review. Bad idea to judge before listening to the album, but country music is the one genre I just can’t like. I think Sara’s hints of country music are minimal that I can excuse her and let it slide.

The album leans more toward a pop-rock genre. I hear more of a classic rock style with lots of electric guitars playing a more seventies sound of rock in the background. Sara’s voice high and has some range with it giving her a youthful sound. I like how a singer can appear younger than she is. I think that helps give her longevity. Her voice does reach to the country style with a little bit of a twang, but I don’t believe that it’s too bad.

Overall, Sara Marin Vertigo comes out ahead for me and will be added to my “want” list to purchase for my personal collection of music.

You can follow Sara Marin on Twitter at @_SaraMarin_

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