Little Jesus – “Rio Salvaje” (2016)

Little Jesus returns after three years with Rio Salvaje

This past June, the Mexican rock-pop band Little Jesus, released their sophomore album, Rio Salvaje to a faithful and loyal fanbase. This album comes after a three-year gap from their debut album, “Norte.” But don’t think these guys have been sitting around. The band snagged itself a gig as the opening act for The Rolling Stones in Mexico. That’s pretty good for an indie band such as Little Jesus.

Critics at Me Hace Ruido hailed the debut album, “Album of The Year” in 2013, which presented this group as an acoustic style rock band. Now with Rio Salvaje, Little Jesus has added to their musical background to met a more synth-pop sound. This new music reminds me of a lot of the Chilean band, Los Prisoneros. The change in the group’s sound was probably a good choice. It shows that the band is unafraid to take risks and to expand the range of their sound. It’s possible this band will be one that is always evolving.

Heavy musical tracks make Little Jesus Rio Salvaje an impressive production

The album consists of ten tracks that, for the most part, are pretty impressive. Kudos go out to the first single, “Mala Onda,” though I have to say my favorite track is “La Magia.” I feel that the song embraces everything that represents the album as a complete work. Now with the favorite track, there is also a least favorite song. I think the ten-minute version of “La Luna” was unnecessary, but many say that the combinations of genres within that one, it is brilliant. It compares to Pink Floyd, and if you are a fan, then you might like the song.

Little Jesus Rio Salvaje has the unique combination of being a musical production and a pop-rock band at the same time. Some of the songs feature heavy music, almost instrumental, and then, on the other hand, some are vocal-heavy. Combined, Rio Salvaje had a little bit of something for everybody.

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