Kany Garcia – “Limonada” (2016)

Kany Garcia releases her fourth album Limonada in the sweet spot of #1 on iTunes

This past May, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Kany Garcia released her fourth studio album, Limonada, under Sony Music. On the day of its release, it hit number one on both Billboard and iTunes Top Latin albums. The album remained in the top position for two weeks. Limonada became Kany’s first number one album.

Kany Garcia explains that the title of the album came from the phrase “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The topics in her songs all have this underlying concept; making the best of a bad situation and coming out ahead in the end. She did come out ahead with a number one album after working closely with the writers and producers of the release.

Another common theme throughout the album is love. Within the song, Kany sings about the celebration of love, heartbreak, and the freedom of leaving. Who doesn’t love a good break-up song?

Along with the album’s release, Kany Garcia recorded an exclusive Track by Track version for Spotify listeners. The special edition contains a commentary of each of the tracks, as well as the song itself. For those who are major Kany fans, you should check out the exclusive Spotify streaming commentary.

Along the music side of Kany Garcia Limonada, she blends pop music, with country and hints of urban. The combination of genres created a signature style that Kany fans can appreciate. It keeps along the lines of her previous albums. The music lends to an excellent platform for her vocal range and depth. She doesn’t appear to be reaching for notes she can’t hold. Together, the album as a whole is pleasant and surprising fun.

The two singles from the album so far are “Perfecto Para Mi” and “Como Decirle.” “Perfecto Para Mi” presents a fun and catchy pop tune. And with “Como Decirle,” Kany sings an intense power ballad. Both tracks are windows into the album and represent it well.

Kany Garcia can be followed on Twitter at @kanygarcia

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