Los Detectives Helados – “Los Detectives Helados” (2016)

Indie rock band, Los Detectives Helados debuts with a self-titled album

As we discover more and more bands, we come up with some gems and some duds. Los Detectives Helados falls somewhere in the middle with their debut album. Hailing from the small town of Piñas in Ecuador, the band consists of five members. Carlos Miguel Ramírez (guitar and vocals), Diego Romero (drums), Paulo Buele (keyboards), Adrián Vélez(guitar) and Mario Maldonado (bass) make up the group.

The band has received praises with critics and even landed them a spot in the prestigious annual SXSW event in Austin, Texas. Their album contains nine tracks with cosmic-pop flavors, but borderlines along a dark line of experimental rock and blues. Singer Carlos Miguel describes the album as: “We like to think that the album the world, and each song is a different country. Each has its particular thing, but there is a common thread that connects them together.”

Los Detectives Helados creates a canvas to discover their signature sound

Musically, I think this album has so many excellent components. The different aspects of genres like disco in the first track, “Soy Una Estrella Pop” (I am A Pop Star) create a canvas for the band to help discover their sound. There are touches for Folk-rock, cosmic pop, and rock ballads. It appears that the band can have their pick of genres in order to find their fan base. The album was released by Cura Ludorum over streaming and download outlets.

Now when I say that I like the music from the band, here are things that make this album a no-go for my collection. I am not fond of the singer’s voice for the most part. There are tracks where I feel his range works, but in the majority of the tracks, I don’t care for his singing. I want to like the album as a whole, but it lacks that certain catch that I need in my music. It’s not to say the album is bad, it’s just not my taste, overall.

Follow the band on Twitter at @LosDetectivesH

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