Dallasgracias – “Enefene” (2016)

Dallasgracias shines with three tracks on new EP this year.

Hailing from Vigo, Spain, the band Dallasgracias released their second work this past June. The EP contains three tracks that are good enough to be the leaders in a full album for the band. The songs are powerful, fresh, and energetic. Wrap these songs up into a little package and you get a band that has the potential to be the next big thing.

Entitled, Enefene, the EP proves that Dallasgracias is the group to be watching closely. This selection of three tracks follows the sounds that the band presented in their first EP.  La Increíble Historia de La Chica de Australia, the first six-track release is a great start for the band. Ultimately, I think that the songs featured on Enefene surpass the quality found in last year’s work. This means the members of the band are growing and evolving with each presentation.

If the band continues in the direction they are going, it is a matter of time before a full-length album is released. Then, watch out! Dallasgracias has the makings for mass stardom.

Follow the band on Twitter at @Dallasgracias

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