Mucho – “Pidiendo En Las Puertas del Infierno” (2016)

Strange but cool, Mucho releases album Pidiendo en las puertas del infierno to fans and critics

We found out about the band, Mucho, and their album Pidiendo en las puertas del infierno (Asking The Gates From Hell) from another rock webzine, MondoSonoro. With my first initial listen, I added them to my save list so I could come back to them and give them a deeper listen. Mucho is precisely our genre of music that we like here, so we wanted to review their album.

Made up of four musicians from Spain, Martí Perarnau, Victor Cabezuelo, Miguel de Lucas, and Carlos Pinto, Mucho focuses on a cosmic style pop sound. What that means is simple…The music has a very space-age feel to it. With the recording of the album Pidiendo en las puertas del infierno, the band wanted to do something different from their previous album. The whole process of recording the album was different for them. They removed the guitars and bass from their sound and focused on drums and synthesizers. They thought it gave the album more of an 80’s vibe and a few songs, like “Nuevas Ruinas” (New Ruins) secure that thought.

The strong retro vibe in Pidiendo en las puertas del infierno is a comforting sound

The recording process took all of eight days to complete; this is another difference for them. This release is the band’s third album which was published by Marxophone, a larger indie label in Spain. Singer, Martí Peranau, is also responsible for writing all the songs on the album.

Musically, I enjoyed the album and possibly because I love 80’s music. There is a strong retro vibe throughout the album that makes the music feel homey and comfortable. This album could have been written at any time, and the music appears to be able to stand the test of time. It’s classic! While it works in the pop category; many of the songs have a classic rock feel like “Perro Negro S.L.”

Mucho will be a band that we watch going forward and will research going back.

Follow the band like we are on Twitter at @somosmucho

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