Leon Benavente – “2” (2016)

Leon Benavente releases the second album, numerically titled, 2

The incestuous super-band made up of members from Nacho Vegas, Tachenko, and Schwarz, released their album, 2, under the label Warner Music Spain. Abraham Boba, Eduardo Baos, Luis Rodríguez, and César Verdú are the members who make up Leon Benavente.

The independent rock band from Spain present a release that embraces electro-rock with the single, Tipo D. The single was released this year as a Record Store Day 7″. The second side of the single features a duet with Bunbury, Spanish composer and singer. Bunbury is connected to the 80’s and 90’s rock band, Heroes Del Silencio.

Leon Benavente is currently touring all over Spain with the promotion of the new album, which has secured a strong following. This following includes music critics, as well as loyal fans.

The album, 2, contains nine tracks feature popping solid drum lines, rhythmic lyrics, and catchy beats. The band’s vocalist, Abraham Boba, has a very soothing voice is slower tracks. I think the most noteworthy track on the album is “Aun No Ha Salido El Sol” (Not even the sun is shining). I believe that it represents the album as a whole, though many of the tracks on the album are great.

It is nice to see bands like Leon Benavente embracing vinyl resurgence since the beginning of their career. Their first self-titled album received both a CD release as well as vinyl in 2013 with the indie label, Marxophone. The band and their current album recently signed with Warner Music Spain for the release of this second album. I guess this no longer makes the band an indie band since they now belong to the man.

Indie or not, the music is decent, and that is what fans actually care about in the long run. You can follow Leon Benavente on Twitter at @LEONBENAVENTETW

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