Reik – “Des/Amor” (2016)

Anticipated new album from Reik, “Des/Amor” releases with 11 tracks of pop music

Five years have passed since fans have had a new studio album from the romantic pop trio, Reik. The band announced the album via social media outlets and since then, the fans have been anxiously waiting, including us, for the album.

Maybe it is because we wanted to be one of the first reviews out there, but nevertheless, the album came out today. We woke up to find the album on our favorite streaming service, Spotify. This is how we spent our morning, listening to Reik and writing the review.

We try to be as optimistic about each artist’s album. One you might not like, but the next could be your favorite or vice versa. In the past, we have been fans of various Reik songs, but not whole albums. Maybe their style is a little too slow for my tastes. With the album Des/Amor, the same seems to follow. Many of the songs are too slow for a good jam in the car.

Reik Des/Amor has everything fan could want from romantic ballads to upbeat pop tracks

This doesn’t mean that Reik’s Des/Amor is not good. Reik’s fan base of 3.75 million on Twitter alone will love the album. It has everything that the fans love. Romantic ballads, swooning of Jesús Alberto Navarro vocals, a few upbeat pop tracks and a couple of duets with some famous friends. What more could 3.75+ fans want?

A few noteworthy tracks include, “Vamonos Lejos,” a catchy pop track with an underlying Jamaican jive. Another song with liked was “Spanglish.” The song has a little 60’s surfer vibe to it that makes it fun. While his “Spanglish” lyrics are a little odd to hear, the song is fun. I also liked, “We Only Have Tonight,” the band’s other Spanglish track. Now, I don’t like it because it is in English/Spanish. Usually, I don’t care much for songs in English; but the song is just a classic pop track that has great beats and an addictive chorus.

Reik Des/Amor is an album most fans can get behind and fall in love with, but I will take my few favorite tracks and be a happy camper. The album debuted on iTunes at Number 1 in the US.

You can follow Reik and their promotion on Twitter at @ReikMx

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