Joan Colomo – “Sistema” (2016)

Joan Colomo releases fifth studio album with Sistema

Spanish singer-songwriter, Joan Colomo went back in the studio and came out with an album with a refreshing sound. Sistema marks the fifth album of Colomo, apart from his partnerships with other bands and groups. He is also heard in the acts Zeidun and La Célula Durmiente.

With Sistema’s fourteen tracks, you immediately think that the album will be quite long. On the contrary, each of the tracks is anywhere from one minute to three minutes. I sat down to listen to the album and before I knew it, the album was over. I was surprised and found myself wanting more, so I started the album over.

Joan Colomo’s voice is high but soft; almost airy. It makes the music calming and relaxing. He has an unmistakable style that makes his music unique. He worked with musicians Marc Clos, Guillem Caballero, and Adrià Bauzo to create the music heard here.

Joan Colomo’s Sistema is fun and enjoyable folk-pop with hints of a rock vibe.

The CD and vinyl for the album released in March by BCore. The album contains fourteen tracks sung in both Spanish and Catalan, which is a language all its own.

Sistema has a lot of tracks are fun. One of my favorites is “Nucleo Dura,” which is a harder pop tune that steps away from the softness that is many of the songs. His genre seems to be more along the lines of folk-pop with accents of rock within individual tracks.

Joan Colomo is different; I can say that, but not different as in bad. His music is fun and enjoyable and is worth the listen.

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