Temas Incomodos – “Alicia En Ningun Lugar” (2016)

Alt-rock Spanish band, Temas Incomodos present debut album Alicia En Ningun Lugar

Hailing for Murcia, Spain, the indie rock band Temas Incomodos released their debut album in March 2016. It was the follow-up album to their EP, EDO. The album consists of eleven track that plunges the listener into a journey of emotions and feelings. Paco Roman, the man behind Neuman, produced the album for the band.

Paco Roman, the man behind Neuman, produced the album for the band and gave a sound with quality arrangements with synthesizers, guitars, and great drum beats. When I heard this album for the first time, I knew I had to add it to my list of new bands to follow. The album, Alicia En Ningun Lugar (Alicia In Nowhere), and it’s lyrics grab your attention. The first single, “Barreras” (Barriers) seems to be the track that represents the album best; but it far from the best track.

The most noteworthy track from the album is “El Orden De Los Factores” (The Order of Factors.) It’s a song that has such a terrific sound that one can’t help but wrap yourself in it. Quite a few tracks on the album fall within my taste of rock that I am embracing. Parts of the album have a classic rock vibe, while others tend to appear atmospheric.

Overall, I have found that Temas Incomodos is a band that needs to be watched closely. They have the potential to make a name for themselves if their music continues like this and their primer EP. We have added them to our download list; you should too.

Follow Temas Incomodos on Twitter at @TemasIncomodos

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