Nunatak – “Nunatak y El Pulso Infinito” (2016)

Nunatak devotes themselves to Nunatak y El Pulso Infinito

So much of the music coming from Murcia, Spain is heavily influenced by British rock ranging from psychedelic rock to folk-pop. This style is seen with the local band Nunatak. Therefore, this sound can be found on the band’s newest album, Nunatak y El Pulso Infinito (Nunatak and The Infinite Pulse).

The group used crowdfunding to record, produce and distribute their album. Their labor of love released back in March after the successful project ended. The first two singles, “No Volvere A Verte” and “El Grito.” Both songs have done particularly well for the indie band. The band currently consists of Adri (guitar, ukulele, and vocals) and Gonzalo (guitar and vocals). It also features Nando (bass) and Dumdaca (drums and vocals). And finally,  José Manuel (keyboard, trumpet, and vocals) and Pedro (cello, keyboards, and vocals).

The band uses unique instruments like trumpets and cellos, to create a unique sound. Sometimes, the song can be heavy and dark. Other times, like in the song “El Pulso Infinito” (The Infinite Pulse),  it seems to have a light and trippy vibe. This sound reminds me of samples taken from The Doors. Another track, “Despues De Todo” is the most noteworthy of the ten tracks that make up the album.

The album as a whole has some terrific tracks but also includes some downers. I think fans of classic rock music would like a lot of the songs and could fill a void for a missing sound. Personally, I would only buy certain tracks instead of the whole album.

You can follow Nunatak on Twitter at @HolaNunatak

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