Lucero – “Lucerito” (1988 Ocho Quince)

Lucero scores a hit with 1988 self-titled album and first with Discos Melody

Randomly picking albums that I know well from the ’80s, I decided to take a look at Lucero’s first album with Melody Records. The album was released in 1988 and presented Mexico a grown-up woman ready to be taken seriously.

Her previous album Un Pedacito De Mí (A Little Piece Of Me) showed a teenager with teenage music. With the release of Lucero (at that time Lucerito)’s self-titled album, her image and style had evolved into a singer that was destined for stardom. This evolution was just the stepping stone for greater opportunities to come her way. Lucero took her promotion everywhere. You couldn’t turn around without her being on the cover of a magazine or television. As a result, she was a regular on “Siempre En Domingo” and seemed to be at all the out of studio events.

The ten tracks from the album produced by Jaime Sánchez Rosaldo, father of Alessandra Rosaldo, are some of the best. The album features two covers; one is “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King, and “Chappell of Love” written by Phil Spector. In addition, “Vete Con Ella” or “Chappell of Love” was the first single promoted from the album. It sold over 400,000 copies in the first few months of release. Because of this, Lucero received a gold album from the sales.

In conclusion, Lucero Ocho Quince became one of the best albums in 1988

When the album reissued on CD in the late ’90s, Fonovisa decided to give the album a new name. They titled the album, Ocho Quince, which is the first track written by Mexican banda singer and songwriter, Joan Sebastian. Fonovisa did this to all the albums that were self-titled in the ’80s to help keep them separate. To date, Ocho Quince became one of the best albums for Lucerito, not only in popularity but with a quality of music.

While there are a few songs that are not all that great, like “Marioneta” (Puppet), overall the songs represent the time and style of music popular with the music buyers.

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