Abbacook – “LR” (2016)

Ecuadorian rock band, Abbacook goes global with new album LR

This weekend, the garage band Abbacook released their second album entitled LR. The album released on iTunes as well as digital streaming platforms like Spotify. We happened to find the group while looking for new releases on iTunes and happened across the new album.

Our first immediate impression of the band was that they fit into our genres, so we took a deeper look into the group. The band was formed in 2010. Founding members, Jorge Campoverde, and Pancho Feraud began writing music. The band recorded their first single, “Completarme” (To Complete Me.) It wasn’t until 2012 that the original song was re-recorded and released with a music video. That same year, the band added two new members and recorded their second track. “Completarme Lado B” (To Complete Me Side B) sat as the companion piece for their first promotion.

In 2013, the band recorded their complete full album entitled, Nuevo Aire (New Air.) And now, the band has grown again and has released their second album, LR. The album contains seven tracks, of which the first three are brand new. The next three songs are renewed versions of tracks from their debut album. Finally, the band recorded a bonus track called “BBCK.” This song is a prelude to what will be the third album to be recorded in the future.

LR by Abbacook is a garage-style rock back that proves that indie doesn’t mean bad

The album was named LR, which basically is the ‘left’ and ‘right’ channel of the two audio signals. And with a headphone listen, even over streaming, you can hear a distinctive left and right channel with a middle surround for horns and vocals. The quality of music on LR is extremely up to quality for an indie band. They even added the vinyl record scratching at the beginning of their bonus track. It feels like a good way to end the album.

In conclusion, Abbacook has caught my attention as being a band to watch. I look forward to seeing what is more to come from this group. I don’t find a lot of music from Ecuador, so if you know some rock or pop artists that I need to listen to, let me know.

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