Los Rabanes – “Urban Rock 2” (2016)

Los Rabanes reach for another Grammy with Urban Rock 2

The Panamanian rock band, Rabanes releases Urban Rock 2 with the first single “Miami Swing” and has already released a second single, “Sauvecito.”

Urban Rock 2 is a continuation of the 2013 album, Urban Rock. Their successful album was a collaboration with various urban artists. With this new album, Rabanes returned with even more collaborations that add to their sound and popularity.

When first heard “Miami Swing” I was impressed by who much I liked the song. It is still such a fun song to sing with, and while it is Urban, you get a pop sound to it. Their second single, “Suavecito” has the same vibe to it.

There are still ten more songs to get through; those tend to have a harder urban sound to it. Not a sound that I like and get into for the most part. You mix those urban sounds with the band’s signature Ska-rock infusion give Rabanes’s Urban Rock 2 a unique style.

The band is currently on a US tour, just finishing up a concert in the Bronx, New York and will be in Boston, Massachusetts tonight (6-30-16). This tour is also part of the En Directo promotion. That album was released last year, and Rabanes are still touring and promoting that. Urban Rock 2 will allow the band, even more, promotion with their current tour. They are hoping for a Grammy win, let’s all root for them too.

You can follow Los Rabanes on Twitter at @LosRabanes

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