Claim – “Barbados” (2016)

Claim Barbados is the debut EP for new Spanish pop band

Spanish pop band, Claim is new to the scene but is already making a splash with the debut EP, Barbados. The band has been performing all over Spain and has secured a spot in Spain’s indie concert festival, Rockola Summer Club.

The group’s members are Adrián Riquelme (lead singer, lyrics), Gonzalo Magaña (Guitar and backup vocals),  Ramón Gómez (Bass and backup vocals) and Juandi Pascual (Drums). They may be indie and just starting out, but their music is anything but amateur. The EP contains six tracks that are excellent quality. I have heard some badly made that sound like they are in a tunnel. Claim gives us quality music and great sounds for their debut.

Everything on the Claim Barbados is smooth and flows as a pop-rock album should

I am glad to be on the ground floor of the band’s career. At first, I was a little hesitant about Adrian Riquelme’s voice, but he has grown on me the more I listen to this album. I think the band has the potential to be the next great musical act from Spain. Everything on the EP is smooth and flows like a pop-rock album should. The band describes themselves as an indie-pop band, but I think they lean more towards the rock. I always think pop as younger artists as jumping up and down dancing, and I don’t see the members of Claim being all that energetic to dance. The music leans toward the rock.

Barbados is not really about the island Barbados, but it is a metaphor for being a long distance away from the people you love and know. They describe the theme of the album’s lyrics and sound using this metaphor. It’s like when you are away from someone and it seems like they are off living this great life, like in paradise. But it is the complete opposite. They try to connect the album’s listeners to emotions and memories of those off in the distance. They even released their EP with a unique suitcase packaging to help with the “tropical pop” they say they are promoting.

You can follow Claim on Twitter at @somosclaim and don’t forget to give Claim a listen. I think that if you dig that pop-rock sound, you will enjoy Claim.

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