Babasonicos – “Impuesto de Fe (Desde Adentro)” (2016)

With a new format and innovative arrangements, Babasonicos perform their greatest hits. In a world of Primera Fila’s and MTV Unplugged, Argentinian rock-pop band, Babasonicos released their newest album. Impuesto De Fe (Desde Adentro) is a live album that presents the group in a more intimate setting.

For me, Babasonicos has always felt like a party band. They have fun with their sound and lyrics while giving excellent performance. With Impuesto De Fe, Babasonicos has mellowed out for a concert that strips away all the backup noise. The outcome is an unplugged type of album without being acoustic.

The album’s formats are CD, CD/DVD combo, and Blu-Ray; but it has been said to have been released on vinyl though I have not seen it yet. The 16-track album features the band’s greatest hits as well as two new songs. These never before released songs are “Vampi” (the group’s first single) and “El maestro.” Both of the new songs fit very well in Babasonicos’ repertoire and will become successes of their own with time.

Babasonicos’ Impuesto De Fe is infused with the live performance elements

The band refuses to call the album an “unplugged” just because of the number of musical elements within the productions. Impuesto De Fe was recorded at Quarry Studios in Mexico. The recording is infused with the live performance elements that were recorded during the band’s HBO special. The HBO special was filmed at an abandoned shopping mall and begins with the singer roaming the empty mall. He makes his way to the rest of the band and fans waiting for him. This is why the concert and album does not start with fans cheering. You don’t know you are listening to a live album until the end of the first track.

The record label, Sony Music plans to re-issue the band’s first five albums on vinyl soon. It is great to see Latin American artists following in the footsteps of the rest of the world with re-issues. It is also said that Sony Music is creating a new “live” series of concerts called “Desde Adentro.” Babasonicos is the first band to represent the new style of the show. This technique is based on a concept in which the viewer can enjoy your favorite band as if they actually on stage with them. “Desde Adentro” or “From Within” will be interesting to see who else Sony gets to sign up.

You can follow Babasonicos on Twitter at @babasonicos 

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