Thalia – “Latina” (2016)

Thalia embraces urban sounds more than ever and fans are loving it…

It is not a secret that I have an aversion to the urban sounds, especially from artists like Thalia or other typical pop stars. But I am working on accepting that this is just part of the change that is happening in the music industry. My wife says if I just embrace Thalia’s island sounds that I will be pleasantly surprised. Thalia’s Mexico City homeland is nowhere near an island. She shouldn’t be on an island.

With Thalia’s Latina album, I think that she is not just representing one genre but all the styles that make up the Latin world. The first track is the duet with Maluma and presents a very urban flair. And honestly, it is pretty catchy. It took me a while to say that I like it, but okay…I like it. The second track, “La Movidita” reminds me of a lot of early Thalia with Piel Morena. The third track, “De Ti” is a duet with Silvestre Dangond has a Columbian island feel mixed with Italian pop beats that are reminiscent of “Sera Porque Te Amor” from her album Lunada. With “Vuelveme A Querer,” I get the strong ballad singer that I love with Thalia. Her voice is so powerful when she sings these newer slow songs. Then she returns to the barrio with “Todavia Te Quiero” which is a duet with De La Ghetto.

Kudos to Thalia’s Latina album for being able to bring so many genres and Latin styles together

These first five songs were in the hands of Sergio George, who focuses a lot of his music and arrangements toward the salsa genre. He has worked with some of the best including Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. If you listen to the song “Frutas,” that Cuban salsa similar to what we have heard from Thalia in “Maria Mercedes.” Thalia and her husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola co-wrote the song. Fans of that era of Thalia will like this song. The same goes for “Pena Negra,” which reminds me of a Cuban night club.

“Tiki Tiki Ta” is a fun little song that will appeal to most people. “Todo” is a collaboration with Omi and Jacob Forever. The song had deep club beats filled with an urban flair. I can hear this song in the night clubs. “Te Encontrare” has strong roots in South American sounds. “Poquito Fe” takes you back to old Mexico with boleros or mariachi sounds. Then with “Enemigos,” Thalia takes us back to that Cuban night club again.

Listening to the album as a whole and analyzing it so I can understand where Thalia is coming from is good. I now realized the whole LATINA theme she gives the audience. And when I look at the album altogether and its merit, I give kudos to Thalia for being able to bring so many genres and Latin styles together. The way Thalia brought them together works well. It is hard to incorporate so much into one album.

Thalia ends the album with “Vivir Junto A Ti.” The song is another pop ballad, and I have to say, it is better than the other pop ballad on the album. Thalia “Latina” album is nearly complete for fans of the Mexican singer/actress. She gives you everything you can want, though I still wish that Thalia would go back to the sounds from 2002.

You can follow Thalia on Twitter at @thalia

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