Chetes – “Stereotipos” (2016)

Album number six for Chetes is a winner!

It’s been about six years since fans have seen a full-length album from Monterrey, Mexico-born Chetes. At age 36, Chetes returns with an album that stays true to a sound that he has perfected over the past nineteen years.

Chetes began his musical career as a member of rock bands Zurdock and Vaquero but went solo in 2006. This 2006 release Blanco Facil earn him a Grammy nod for Best Rock Song. His 2008 album Efecto Domino won a Latin Grammy for Best Rock Solo Vocal Album. For a guy who has so much success, why did it take so long for me to find him?

Sterotipos is Chetes’ sixth album. It was released this past March digitally, but also on CD and vinyl. For only a few months of release, the album has over 1 Million plays on Spotify. I don’t blame fans for wanting to listen to the album as I want to absorb it too. I had heard of Chetes in the past but had been closed off from him. Now I question why I never gave him a chance in the past.

Stereotipos maintains the sound that Chetes has embraced his entire career

The album, Stereotipos, falls in the alt-rock genre but is heavily influenced by pop sounds and accents of jazz and reggae. The ten tracks off the album work together seamlessly for a great flow. The first single, “Agujero Negro” is a fun track that sets the stage of what fans can hear on the complete album.

Even Chetes’ wife has a hand in this album. She performs with him on the song, “Nosotros Dos.” The track has an acoustic feel that you can here the romanticism between them. It’s a sweet track that is worth a listen. Also, you can hear a collaboration with Alejandro Rosso from Plastillina Mosh and Beto Ramos from Jumbo on the song, “Suenos Perfectos.” The song is probably one of the best from Stereotipos.

Stereotipos maintains the sound that the singer has embraced his entire career. It works for him. I think this album will be what makes me go back and listen to more of his previous material. I think Chetes sound and his voice. It’s welcoming and inviting. I definitely will be going after this album on vinyl. I think it will be a great addition to my collection.

If you haven’t heard the album, take a listen on Spotify. It’s worth the time. You can also follow Chetes on Twitter at @chetesgarza

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