Doble Alma – “En La Piel” (2016)

Spanish twins, Doble Alma, release a debut album with indie label

With over 20 years of experience, Pep’s Music Group has focused on bringing indie acts to the scene, especially young artists. They found these girls participating in various television programs like La Voz in Spain. The signed them after they surprised the audience by being two voices instead of one.

Their bio reads that Alba y Marta Villanueva wanted to be singers and on the stage before they could walk. Now, while I don’t believe that; it makes for a good story. With that said, Alba and Marta are now living their dream as the duo, Doble Alma. Think of them as Ha-Ash without the country twang. If you make me choose who to listen to, I will put Doble Alma over Ha-Ash any day of the week.

Doble Alma’s En La Piel is straight-up pop music, though you can hear just a little country vibe that will please

Doble Alma’s album En La Piel has been on my “to listen” list for a while now, but it just took that long to get to it. The album was released in April 2016 in Spain and digitally worldwide via iTunes and Spotify. Their first single has almost 500K listens on Spotify. The group has been performing all over Spain trying to make a name for themselves. I think one of the things this duo lacks is a decent web presence. Their Twitter account doesn’t even show they have their website. This lack of exposure makes it difficult to find out about them and upcoming events. Twitter isn’t always the best way to see upcoming shows because most social media only shows what is around the corner.

What I like about Doble Alma is the fact that they seem like real people. Their look isn’t about selling themselves but selling their music. The girls are curvy; not sexy. They are real. I like the whole duet vibe. Female duets have shown success in the past. Ha-Ash’s popularity is proof of it. You also have people like Tegan and Sara, who have been screaming with popularity at the moment. I can see Doble Alma being something as long as they keep with their genre. It is straight-up pop music, though you can hear just a little country vibe that will please Ha-Ash fans. I’m not sure how well this sound will do in Mexico, but if they can get the right exposure, I think they could go mainstream Top 40.

You can follow Doble Alma on Twitter at @DobleAlmaMusic

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