David DeMaria – “Septimo Cielo” (2016)

David DeMaria finds a new life and new album

Spanish singer-songwriter, David DeMaria is back after 3 years of absence with his ninth studio album, Septimo Cielo. I don’t know a lot about David DeMaria’s career. We found his on Spotify by recommendations off another artist. We gave him a quick listen to find out if he fits our “pop” category and added him to our list.

David DeMaria began his career when he was 14 years old with a local band that performed covers of popular rock bands. But it was five years later that David DeMaria decided to go off on his own and focus on a solo career. He released his first album that didn’t receive much attention. It wasn’t until his fourth album that he achieved any sort of success. Sin Miedo a Perder went gold in Spain. It was with this album that he found a career with Warner Music. His fifth album reached a higher market which gave him international success and a triple-platinum album.

With this new album, Septimo Cielo, David DeMaria has a new outlook on life. Late last year, David’s son was born. Sometimes it takes a miracle as that to change an outlook to one’s career. David states that he is calmer than before and this new sense of life can be heard throughout the album.

David DeMaria’s Septimo Cielo is a contemporary adult pop that contains beats and soft rhythms

As I focus on his music with headphones on, I enjoy the beats and soft rhythms within the eleven tracks that make up the album. But don’t expect David DeMaria to be jamming out with dance tracks. Septimo Cielo is a contemporary adult pop that contains enough ballads for anyone who loves romance. This romanticism has a familiar feel to it. He reminds me of Alejandro Sanz quite a bit. His ballads have a beat to them and you find yourself swaying to the music.

The first single, “Y Si Te Vas” has already had over 500K listens on Spotify with the music video over 300K views. This is great as the album has only been released for a couple of months.

You can follow David DeMaria on Twitter at @DavidDeMaria

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