Love of Lesbian – “El Poeta Halley” (2016)

It’s been four years since the Spanish rock band, Love of Lesbian has released an album. They are back with their eighth studio album which features thirteen tracks and a lot of fun.

During Love of Lesbian’s sabbatical, the five members of the group spent time on various solo projects which didn’t include music. Though the band did spend time together making music and finding a new connection to each other with “El Poeta Halley.”

With their usual producer Ricky Falkner , Florenci Ferrer and Santos Berrocal, Love of Lesbian recovered the essence and inspiration that seemed to have lost his previous work. Plus the band appears to be more mature with profound and complex form. They have commented in interviews that the disc has revolved around the lyrics, band member, Santi Balmes had composed.

The lyrics are dark, and the music is complex in “El Poeta Halley” from Love of Lesbain

The result is a work of art that swims against the corporate structure that falls in mainstream music. Love of Lesbian prides itself on releasing material created for personal enjoyment, and also for the enjoyment of all who listen, not only the devoted fans. In a time when music is consumed quickly and with catchy and danceable songs, the band has chosen the opposite. 

It is great when bands like Love of Lesbian decided not to succumb to the pressures of mass appeal. Even though the indie band is now working with Warner Music, the have been able to keep their music their own.  Everything about “El Poeta Halley” shows that the band aims high for success and perfection. Previous works may have had a similar number of tracks, but the length of the album is considerably longer. Many of the tracks are over five minutes long, even a few that reach over 7 minutes. “Psiconautas” hits just under ten minutes long.

When the band talks about music and the public consuming it quickly, you can see how they refuse to let the audience do that with their new album. The lyrics are deep, the music is complex, and you spend over an hour contemplating your life after listening to “El Poeta Halley.”

Love of Lesbian can be followed on Twitter at @loveoflesbian

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