Timbiriche – “La Banda Timbiriche” (1982)

The Mexican kid group, Timbiriche released two albums in the year 1982. The first album self-titled as Timbiriche introduced the group to a market saturated by romantic ballad singers. The second album, La Banda Timbiriche progressed and so did their music.

A lot of their iconic songs came from the group’s second album. Songs like “Mexico”, “La Vida Es Mejor Cantando” and even the group’s signature song “La Banda Timbiriche” are present on the album. These are some of the songs that even today the group sings during reunion concerts.

Fans of Timbiriche know that Miguel Bose is there “Godfather” or el Padrino for the group. On this album, Bose lends his talents as a songwriter for four of the eleven songs. Other writers include Amparo Rubin (Erik Rubin’s aunt), who co-wrote “Ojos De Miel” and “Mama.”

While the music was geared to the adolescents of the early ’80s like Tatiana is today. The difference being that the music advanced to their age group. So, as the members of Timbiriche aged, so did their music. It wasn’t until the member became teenagers that Timbiriche began reaching the Top 40 pop charts along with other teen acts.

“La Banda Timbiriche” talks about first love, as well as rock and roll, and other fun things that 10 to 12-year-olds would like. They were able to identify with their target market because they were their own demographic. This is what made Timbiriche so great. I don’t think it was their natural ability to sound like adults with perfect voices; it was probably because they were down to earth kids themselves.

The album reached a larger market with the edition to the theme song of the soap opera, Chespita, which starred a young Lucero. I think this is why the group was able to gain attention from the media as well as new fans.

I think every Timbiriche fan has their favorite album from the “kid” era; this wasn’t mine even though it is a very good album. I tend to think this one is probably the most popular due to the number of songs they still sing-off of it.

Timbiriche doesn’t have an official Twitter account though there is one posted with no activity since 2012, the individual members do.

Benny Ibarra: @bennyibarra
Sasha Sokol: @SashaSokol
Paulina Rubio: @paurubio
Mariana Garza: @marianagarza70
Alix Bauer: @alixbauer
Diego Schoening: @DiegoSchoening

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