Sergio Lagos – “Cosmos” (2016)

Sergio Lagos embraces change with a new album, Cosmos

Sergio Lagos and his band, The Gaffers are new to me. They hail from Chile and are alt-rock with a hint of dream pop to their sound. We found him and the album by accident, but “Cosmos” is pretty damn good. My love for the Latin rock continues to grow and it is because of albums like this that help nurture this growing fascination.

Cosmos is the Chilean artist’s fourth studio album and was released at the beginning of 2016 and can be found on Spotify for a listen. As a bonus, if you fall in love with the album like I have after one listen; you can download the previous album on the group’s website.

On top of being a famous Chilean TV star, married and has children, Sergio Lagos has produced four albums and two live DVDs, despite his critics. It is with Cosmos; he has put together the correct formula to create an album that showcases his vocal talents. He has an attitude and charisma this comes out within the twelve tracks on the deluxe version of the album. Continuing his work with Cristian Lopez of Javiera Y Los Imposibles, the album has a great blend of natural rock and pop. Lopez also produced Sergio Lagos’ third album, Irrevesible.

“What I do basically I am psychedelic rock, inspired by feelings and inner landscapes.” – Sergio Lagos

The first single from Cosmos is “Ultraviolet,” which is not even the best song from the album. I love “Soñar Despierto” which almost sidesteps the rock genre and hits up the pop category. As a whole, there are no bad songs on the album. Each one of them supports the others to create a music work that worthy of airplay in most markets.

When Lagos talks about his album, he states, “Cosmos has me very excited, because the songs turned out different, very smooth, very light. It is more natural for me how to make music. This album is a jump, a personal jump.”

This progression as an artist is apparent between his new and his previous works. You can hear exactly what he is saying about being light and smooth. With the difference between the two albums, I favor the newer sound and I am sure that others will follow suit.

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