Viva Suecia – “La Fuerza Mayor” (2016)

Underground Spanish rock group, Viva Suecia released their first full album under the helm of Subterfuge Records. The band’s record label is known for taking chances with unique and different sounds. With this said, some great unknown artists can be like hidden gems.

Viva Suecia, who hails from Murcia, Spain, combines classic alt-rock with dream pop to create a more mellow rock album. With great drum beats and sharp guitars, Viva Suecia debuted in the Top 50. This ranking is terrific for a band who still believes you don’t need that radio play to make good music. Subterfuge agrees.

The dream-like sound that Viva Suecia presented with La Fuerza Mayor catches your attention

Within the album La Fuerza Mayor, the band shows that they are experts in mellow dramatic lyrics. ““vas detrás de todo lo que acaba fatal” which translates to, “you’re behind everything that is fatal.” The band’s music falls in line with the melancholy vibe that they portray. But when you are like myself, who doesn’t speak the language enough to focus on the lyrics, you dig deep into the sound of the band.

I dig the dream-like sound that Viva Suecia presented with La Fuerza Mayor. While I can’t compare the band to anyone else, the song “Bien Por Ti” is reminiscent of the Mexico rock band, DLD.

On the album that we reviewed from Spotify, the last five songs from the eleven tracks are marked as ‘bonus tracks’. These tracks were from the original EP the band released before Subterfuge signed them. I am glad that the label decided to issue the album in all formats, including vinyl.

Viva Suecia’s debut album has caught our attention, and if you like other artists such as Neuman, they are bad to check out. We will be keeping an eye on them.

You can follow the band on Twitter at: @VivaSuecia

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