Sasha Sokol – “11:11” (1997)

The fifth album by Sasha Sokol, 11:11 (Once Once) took her in a different direction than her fans were accustomed to. This difference ultimately became the fan-favorite of her discography.

Under the helm of Flans’ creator, Mildred Villafañe not only produced the album but help co-writes many of the songs. One of the album’s most popular songs, “Seras El Aire” co-written by Villafañe, Sasha, and Juan Pablo Manzanero. This team also worked together on “Si Con Mi Voz Pudiera” and “Me Faltas Tu.”

While this team gave outstanding work, some of the best songs from the album happen to be covers. Sasha Sokol lends her voice to songs made famous by Suzanne Vega, Marry Me Jane, and Nina Hagen. The acoustic rendition of “You Didn’t Kiss Me” by Marry Me Jane is most likely the best song of the album.

11:11 by Sasha Sokol sets the stage for a more mysterious and spiritual new image

11:11 marks the beginning of Sasha’s new spiritual image. Before this, Sokol (who only used the stage name Sasha), spent her career following the guidelines set by the manufactured musical works of Mariano Perez and Riba and Campos. These teams of writers and producers put out so much work that it is a canned science. They have mastered, and it works, but it also makes artists disposable.

After a five year break from, Sasha Sokol focused on herself and music that in turn produced an album far superior to her previous works.

While exploring this album almost twenty years later, I was surprised to see that Julieta Venegas had co-written a song with Sasha for the album. This collaboration came as Julieta recorded her debut album, “Aqui.” Listening to the song “Alma Humeda,” the musical style has Julieta’s vibe from that period.

Overall, Sasha Sokol’s 11:11 is an album that fans will agree this quality production sets the stage for a more mysterious and spiritual side to her. Gone is that generic pop that Timbiriche fans loved her for and here is a more realistic sense of herself.

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