Fabian Manuk – “Manuk” (2016)

Argentian pop singer, Fabian Manuk released his third album, Manuk, this past May.

Focusing on teenage pop, Manuk is destined to be the next teen idol in the sea of many. Four years ago, Fabian Manuk released his self-titled debut album of eleven tracks. A year later, he released Play, both under Ariola Records. This year, a more mature looking Fabian returns and presents an album filled with upbeat dance-pop tracks.

Teen pop like this is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I love listening to it. I love the beats, the bounce, and the ability to sing-a-long with a good male singer. Fabian Manuk gives you just that with this album. Think CD9 meets Kalimba. The music flows like any good boyband. Fabian’s voice reminds me of a young OV7 Kalimba without the soul. It is high with a hint of rasp to it.

Fabian Manuk  had a great vocal range, and the music is top-notch

Fabian’s single, “Un Dia Mas” has already hit Disney Radio LA and is getting ready to perform at Luna Park in Argentina opening for the female pop group, Fifth Harmony.

Though Fabian Manuk is relatively unknown, he’s popularity is growing daily with new fans and the airplay of “Un Dia Mas.” The single has the potential to reach other Latin American countries, and I believe that once teen fans in Mexico get a hold of this kid, he could go far. He has a great vocal range, and the music is top-notch. I am digging the album and can see this taking up a spot on my iPod.

This new album released by Sony Music should allow Fabian more exposure. The larger label can put more promotion into him. The promotion could potentially kick his popularity into high gear. He already has the sound and voice for success. We will be watching Fabian closely and putting him on our list of favorites.

You can follow Fabian Manuk on Twitter at @fabianmanuk

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