Lasso – “Sin Otro Sentido” (2012)

Lasso meets US market with reissue of the previous album, Sin Otro Sentido

When indie Venezuelan pop singer Lasso signed with Universal Music, his 2012 album was reissued for US consumption. Sin Otro Sentido was released on digital formats and streaming in the US this month without much change to the original album.

I thought I had found a new artist and looked forward to digging into his debut album. After some research into Lasso’s history, it came to my surprise that Sin Otro Sentido is from 2012 and is not even what Lasso is promoting. Currently, Lasso is marketing his social media outlets the song, “Diferente” while we are here reviewing what we think is new. It is a tad disappointing, and it makes me wonder where I need to put this album in my categories. I could put in under 2016 releases, but I am not sure I should do this. It is only a reissue, and the only difference in the two albums is the lack of one song.

Lasso’s Sin Otro Sentido is a complete album that expands over multiple genres

For Universal Music’s reissue, they chose to eliminate the track “Quiero Que Vuelvas.” On the original album, this song had a solo version and a duet version with Sheryl Rubio. With the new edition, they only kept the duet version of the song.

At the age of 15, Lasso joined a band called Punk Society. The band opened for prominent bands such as the Mexican rock band, Panda. It was in 2009 that Lasso decided to go solo and began work on his own album under the production of Francisco Díaz then finished up the album with the help of Brian Gardner, who has a long musical history working since the mid-’60s. His work includes a wide variety of artists from Neil Diamond to 2Pac. This diversity helped created a smooth and complete album that expands over multiple genres. While the album is considered pop-rock, it has a lot of influences from classic rock.

You can currently find Lasso on Twitter at @LassoMusica promoting his new song, “Diferente.”

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