Clemente Castillo – “Eureka” (2016)

Lead Singer of rock band, Jumbo, Clemente Castillo goes solo with Eureka

Frontman for the Mexican rock group from Monterrey, Jumbo, Clemente Castillo presents his first completely solo album. It is a fresh break for Clemente Castillo though fans would have rather heard this new music come from Jumbo rather than Castillo alone. After coming into their own in the ’90s, Jumbo became stagnant in their music, and their popularity died down.

Last year, Clemente decided to release a single, “Fantasmas” which has a disco undertone to it. It was a great start to an album that keeps you mellow while jamming out to the twelve tracks that form, Eureka. Besides Clemente, other famous friends have come to lend their voices to albums including Chetes in the song “Capsula.” Pato Machete helped with the rap in the song, “Donde Estan?” And Daniela Spalla is present is the pop ballad song, “Que Nos Trajo Aqui.”

Not all songs are original from the singer-songwriter, the song “Calaveras y Diablitos” is a cover. The original is from Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and the master of the accordion; Celso Piña participated in the recording to give the song some of its flavors.

Clemente Castillo: Eureka proves there is still music the singer and hopes fans will enjoy

The album ends with an instrumental track, “Dum Dum” in which the melody is hummed instead of sang. This song proves that music is a universal language. I always love songs that you can sing to, and they don’t even have words. It truly makes an artist great when they can achieve that kind of song.

Overall, I am totally impressed with the album. I went into the album thinking it was going to be just another album on my list of music to review, but it moved me further than that. Eureka is a great album the spans over a few different genres but comes home to pop music. I love the retro feel to this album. It reminds me of listening to music from the 60’s and early 70’s eras. While I am not sure if Clemente Castillo will return to Jumbo anytime soon, I am glad to see him staying busy with entertaining music.

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