Gloria Trevi – Inmortal” (2016)

Gloria Trevi goes on tour with the first live album in 27 years of music

Last year, Mexican singer Gloria Trevi released a unique double album that captures both the spirit of a female and male in love. Now, she brings us Inmortal, a live album based on the tour of the album, El Amor.

The CD/DVD combo’s layout is a lot like the album, El Amor, which begins with Gloria Trevi’s male alter ego “Mister Trevi”. The songs in this section of the concert come from the male side of El Amor but also included the song, “Pruebamelo” which is from the album Una Rosa Blu. These songs were sung as if Trevi was a male. The tracks include some speaking from Trevi, and she often mentions looking for her woman. She is bringing the message of Mister Trevi to the fans. After a great live version of “El Amor Despues Del Amor”, the female side of Trevi makes her appearance. Trevi sings songs from the female tracks which also includes iconic hits. “Me Siento Tan Sola” and “Pelo Suelto” can not be left out of Gloria Trevi’s entertaining live album.

“Inmortal” is destined to be the next anthem of Gloria Trevi

The DVD ends with “Inmortal” which is destined to be the next anthem of Trevi. It was originally released as a bonus track on the deluxe version of El Amor but becomes the focal point of the concert. The CD portion of the album contains two new songs “Quitame La Ropa” and “Dimelo Al Reves”. The latter has become the third single that Trevi is promoting. The second was the live version of “Me Siento Tan Sola.”

If you loved the previous album, then you will find Inmortal to be a perfect companion piece. I found the beginning of the concert to be more enjoyable than the second half. I think Gloria Trevi has a lot of fun with her male ego, and it shows. She can be a little more daring with her concert than she can with her female persona. The second half seems to be a lot slower than the first. The new music is okay. Both “Quitame La Ropa” and “Dime Al Reves” has just enough urban flair to be able to capture the attention of fans that might be hesitant to like a pop icon, but this is where artists feel the need to go to stay relevant in today’s Top 40 charts.

There are various different versions of the album. I have seen a deluxe version, which is a two-disc CD of the live concert. I have the CD/DVD combo, which only has 13 live tracks and 2 studio bonus tracks. There is also a Mexican edition which contains 24 tracks (22 live songs with 2 studio tracks). This seems like the better version, but if you are just going to your local Wal-Mart or Target, you most likely will pick up the version I have.

You can follow Gloria Trevi on Twitter at @GloriaTrevi

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