Carlos Rivera – “Yo Creo” (2016)

Carlos Rivera’s Yo Creo is a hit with fans around the globe

There is something that female fans love about male ballad singers. It doesn’t matter if he is singing about heartbeat, love, or death, girls love ballad singers and find them irresistible. Mexican singer, Carlos Rivera won the fans’ love on La Academia about twelve years ago and has continued plugging away at a successful music career. Yo Creo makes Rivera’s fourth studio album, and it seems to be doing well since it’s release in February.

Since Rivera’s debut in 2004, he signed with Sony Music for his debut album and has also worked as an actor in stage plays such as Mexico’s production of Mammia Mia. For his ten year anniversary, Carlos Rivera released a live album. It seems that fans are loving Rivera not only in Mexico but Spain as well as South American countries.

Carlos Rivera tries to fill the void left by romantic crooners of decades past

While perfecting the romantic ballad, songs like “Deja Amarte” and “Quedarme Aqui” add that upbeat tempo that keeps the album from becoming stale.  I tend to think that Carlos Rivera is trying to fill the void left by romantic crooners like Luis Miguel. His deep voice reminds me of Luis Miguel, though the music is not up to the high standards set by those before him. Rivera doesn’t have anything that makes him stand out, and his music sounds all the same. It is hard to find an emotional connection to the album.

I wanted to like Carlos Rivera and his album Yo Creo because I do miss that powerful ballad album. It took me until the end of the album to find a song that I could see turning up and singing along. “Sabia Usted?” is probably one of the best ballads of the album and it would be a pity if he didn’t make it a single.

You can follow Carlos Rivera on Twitter at @_CarlosRivera

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