Martina Stoessel – “Tini” (2016)

Martina Stoessel releases her debut album this past weekend

The hit television show from Disney Channel Latin America, Violetta created a new celebrity that has gained international stardom. Martina Stoessel, also known as Tini, has spent the last four years playing Violetta Castillo and now released her debut solo album, Tini.

Violetta reminds me a lot of Hannah Montana for the Latino community, but it has yet to gain fame in the US. Disney has yet to bring Violetta to network television, but it is available on Netflix in the US market. Either way, Stoessel is possibly the first major breakout star for the Disney Latino. Sometimes you have to say screw the US market when you can dominate the charts and countries including most of South America, as well as half Europe and even parts of the Middle East and Africa. Kids around the world are Violetta fans.

Tini has the potential to allow Martina Stoessel to reign over the US pop charts

Because of large fan-base, I can see why Stoessel chose her debut album to include songs in both English and Spanish. The English language gives her the opportunity to go mainstream Top 40. Her English tracks will allow her to compete for space next to other Disney Channel artists like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, who will tend to be Stoessel’s competition. Her music feels very similar to what other former Disney Channel stars are releasing.

The album Tini contains two discs. The first part of the album features the first eight tracks in English with four tracks in Spanish. The second disc serves as the soundtrack to the movie: Tini: The Movie, which is a follow-up to the television.

Anyone who even remotely likes Selena Gomez will find Martina Stoessel’s album to their liking. Music lines tend to follow the same style and with the bonus of Spanish language tracks; the only difference is their voices. The album and songs for Martina have the universal appeal that I feel US markets absorb. It is possible if Disney Channel were to transmit Violetta for US consumption, Stoessel could find herself reigning here also. This is the kind of music that I find to be a guilty pleasure, though I would probably one keep the Spanish language songs in my rotation.

Stoessel’s album feels complete with the majority of tracks to be pop songs with only a few ballads to fill in some gaps. I guess my only flaw to this album is that all the songs sound so very similar. It is hard to pick out one song from another. I had to check to see if a song was repeated between discs because I swear I had just heard that song.

Martina Stoessel can be followed on Twitter at @TiniStoessel

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