Anahi – “Inesperado” (2016)

Over seven years since fans have heard a new album from Mexican pop singer, Anahi. Many things have changed with Anahi since her last album in 2009, Mi Delirio. In 2012, she became the first lady of the state of Chiapas when she married Manuel Velasco Coello. This marriage hasn’t slowed down Anahi’s career. Along with various charities and social campaigns, Anahi has continued to keep her face in the music industry with various singles and duets released over streaming and digital services.

Inesperado is a good continuation of solo works from Anahi. Though the new album doesn’t have the same dance beats as Mi Delirio, she keeps with her pop origins. The album has a good mixture of ballads as well as upbeat fun pop tunes. The first preview from the album, over a year before the release of the album, was “Estan Ahi.”. Two months later, Anahi released the second single, which is a duet with Wisin. “Rumba,” an urban beat pop tune, was released in July and the video debuted in August of 2015.

Inesperado showcases Anahi’s excellent vocal range and that she is more than a pop icon

By the end of 2015, Anahi released another single with Zuzuka Poderosa, a Brazilian DJ team. “Boom Cha” is a pretty good dance club song and is reminiscent of hits from Mi Delirio. Another duet, “Eres” features Julion Alvarez, who is a prominent ranchero voice from Chiapas, Mexico.  And finally, the album’s release date is upon her and to help launch, “Amnesia” because of the main focus of her promotion from the album. The song is a power ballad that showcases Anahi’s excellent vocal range.

This half of the album already consumed by fans, it seems that there might not be much left that was unheard; but I can say there is still a lot to enjoy. My favorite just happens to be another duet on the album with David Bustamente. The couple records a cover of the 80’s hit, “La Puerta De Alcala”, made famous by Ana Belén y Víctor Manuel. The version is so different that you don’t even recognize it until the chorus. I think the album is worth it just for this song alone.

Anahi’s Inesperado is a decent return to the music world and shows fans that she is more than a pop icon from RBD.

You can follow Anahi on Twitter and check out the album on Spotify

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