Leon Larregui – “Voluma” (2016)

Respected Mexican singer-songwriter, Leon Larregui released his second solo album, Voluma. The album is a follow-up to his 2013 release Solstis, which received high recognition for his work as the frontman of the Alt-Rock band, Zoe.

While working on music for Zoe’s 20th anniversary, Larregui found that many of his songs were so personal that they didn’t fit within Zoe’s style. With these songs in hand, he knew he had enough for a new solo album. Band members of Zoe have been supportive of Larregui’s success, and it is possible that this will grow the band’s following. When Larregui released his first solo album, Zoe had already planned a break, and it fits within its schedule.

Leon Larregui describes Voluma as very personal and full of light

With Larregui currently on his US stop of his Voluma Tour, his music has piqued the interest of not only the Latin community but worldwide with the film community. Zoe’s documentary Panaramas, which featured Larregui creative development of his first solo album,  debuted at a Mexican Film Festival in Los Angeles. It bodes well for Latin rock music to be taken seriously globally.

Voluma takes a complete turn from what fans were used to from Zoe, but not much different from Solstis. The new album, released in May, has a more mellow electronic sound and almost feels atmospheric. He describes his new album as very personal and full of light. I describe it as electronic for the easy listening crowd. I have this love-hate relationship with it because I don’t hate the album, but I don’t love it. I am almost unmotivated to an opinion of the album, while my wife likes the more mellow tone of his work.

2017 will bring Zoe’s 20th-anniversary album, and we will look forward to the new music from that album. Until then, we have Larregui’s Voluma and a tour. You can find out tour dates as well as follow Leon Larregui on Twitter.

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