Stephanie Salas – “Electro-Acoustic” (2016)

Mexican pop singer, Stephanie Salas takes to streaming and digital downloads for a new acoustic EP. I have never been a fan of digital formats, but it allows me to be able to have an abundance of music from artists that I love. Some of those artists choose to stay away from major labels for creative reasons, while others may still be looking for that right fit. Either way, social media, and digital formats have helped artists like Stephanie Salas stay connected to those die-hard fans, who fell in love with “Ave Maria” back in the ’90s.

Nowadays with technology, there is nothing the changes within the work of an indie artist or a major artist. It comes down to the quality of the song, vocals, and styles. And Stephanie Salas knows how to sing and has a style about herself that is all her own.

Stephanie Salas’ Electro-Acoustic EP has a great range of styles it is hard not to like.

The first track, “Tu Y Yo” has a soul and a great beat. Even acoustically, you hear a good bass beat to it that gives it a decent rhythm. “Al Amar” captures the essence of Stephanie’s previous album Soy Lo Que Soy with its electronic undertones. “Joven” has a classic rock tone to it and I could easily see it features as a bonus track to a reissue of the album Ave Maria.

Electro-Acoustic‘s fourth track, “Puede Ser” has a bit of a lounge vibe to it. I could see Stephanie Salas sitting in a little jazz club on a Saturday night with a guitar and jamming out while everyone drinks cocktails. Sounds like a great time, I would totally go. Her final track off the EP is “Siempre Brillara” which is also another gem. Anytime I hear an acoustic song; I tried to imagine what it would sound like if it had all the other instruments. This track would fit easily within Stephanie’s second album La Raza Humana.

I think Stephanie Salas totally aced this acoustic EP with music that new but feels familiar. She has a great range of styles and it is hard not to like the songs off the EP. Very well done.

You can follow Stephanie Salas at @StephanieSalasO.

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