Tachenko – “El Comportamiento Privado” (2015)

Hailing from Zaragoza, Spain, the rock band “Tachenko” has been around for more than a decade releasing albums and performing shows all over their native country. Their career is full of music but the guys have kept with a smaller label of Limbo Starr, which does a good job of releases music on all formats including the up and coming vinyl resurgence. This shows that the is dedicated to the audiophiles of the world.

These guys are no newbies to the music industry, in the ’90s two of the lead members had a band called, “El Niño Gusano” that was quite popular with three full-length albums and three EPs in the indie psychedelic pop scene. The lead member of “El Niño Gusano”, Sergio Vinadé, who had been hailed as one of the best guitar players in Spain, joined forces with songwriter, Sebastián Puente began laying the groundwork for a new project. They added another member of Sergio’s former band, Andrés Perruca for the drums. Later they would add two more band members, Miguel Yrureta on bass; and Ricardo Vicente for the keyboards and bass. Together, they became Tachenko.

You can appreciate the simplicity of Tachenko’s album

The band’s first album was released in 2004 with the tandem musical composition between Vinade and Puente. The group saw much success and the band added two new members Eduardo Baos on bass and Alfonso Luna on the drums when the band lost three of its members. The new formation released another album that saw a lot of success as their first. After changing labels and a few more albums, we get to today where the band is alive and well and still performing often in their homeland of Spain.

But, this is where my knowledge of the band becomes a little tricky. Most biographies online and even on their record label are not up to date and only go up to about 2013 with information. The lack of an official website for the band is a little disheartening. We do know that the band released this 2015 album entitled, El Comportamiento Privado. This a sound that is very retro, the band gives ten awesome songs that remind me of listening to a 60’s classic rock with the psychedelic flavorings that one might hear at Woodstock.

The lead singer’s voice took a little bit of getting used to and almost sounds like a deeper version of Marciano Cantero from Enanitos Verdes; but once his voice gets flowing through the verses and chorus of a handful of songs, it becomes more familiar and homey. The songs are quite simple and don’t take a lot of fluff to make it good. I think if you grew up in the generation of the ’70s or ’80s, you can appreciate the simplicity of their music. The album feels complete, there is a clear beginning and end to the group’s sixth studio album and after just a few listens, I find that the songs are like an old friend who has come to visit.

I really could easily add this band to my collection and just might on my next music purchase from Spain. Thank you Tachenko for giving a well-played album.

You can follow the band on Twitter at: @TachenkoGrupo

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