Single Review: Dulce Maria – “Dejarte De Amar”

Former member of RBD, Dulce Maria has been juggling music and acting over the past few years after the group disbanded. Dulce Maria, along with Anahi has remained focused on a pop music genre career while the other female member of the group, Maite Perroni has dabbled more ethnically with a bachata feel for her solo career.

Dulce Maria has released three successful albums starting with Extrañeja Parte 1, an EP that flowed back and forth with rock and club beats. With the second full album, Extrañajera Parte 2, Dulce Maria continued the same feel. The songs from part one found themselves a home on the full-length album of part two. Then she changed it up with her third album Sin Fronteras, where her pop music was more influenced with regional sounds and featured a few duets.

Now, Dulce Maria has changed her sound up again with the single, “Dejarte De Amar”. She stated in an interview that the music coming has a new sound, new producers, and that she was excited about the changes moving forward with her new music. One of the differences we have heard just from this single, is a more mature sounding Dulce Maria. Due to her voice style, it is hard to step out of that youth sound when your voice is so high as it is with Dulce Maria; but musically the sound vends it self to her voice and while she can still hit those high notes to keep her voice youthful; during the lower parts of the song, she seems to be maturing and it shows.

“Dejarte De Amar” finds it inspiration from the soap opera that Dulce Maria is currently in, “Corazon Que Miente”, where she portrays the character named Renata Ferrer Jáuregui.

You can follow Dulce Maria on Twitter at @DulceMaria

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