Sibaris – “Coito” (2016)

Sibaris, which hails from Barcelona, classifies themselves as a synthpop, technopop, and electropop band that has influences ranging from post-punk to disco with attitude and that they are sometimes dark and sometimes glam. Wow… That is a lot wrapped up in one band. They are another indie band that followed us on Twitter. Now, when we get followed by bands on Twitter, we like taking a listen because we might find our new favorite artist or group. Luckily, Sibaris is doing a lot for themselves with making their music available on Spotify and even Bandcamp where they have free downloads available for fans get their music for free. When you’re indie, you want your music accessible; so kudos to Sibaris for making their music available to everyone.

This most current EP is entitled “Coito”, which features four classic 80’s or early songs rock-new wave songs that many music fans will know. The first track, “Fui Hecho Para Amarte” is a cover of the rock band Kiss, “I Was Made For Loving You”. You also have “Call Me” from Blondie, “Real Wild Child” from Iggy Pop, and “Fox On The Run” by 70’s rock band, Sweet.

The members of Sibaris are not young, so their sound and vocals are deep and rough. The lead vocalist Albert Isasi raspy vocal cords may work for a heavier rock album, but for the techno sound that is the background music needs a higher vocal range than Isasi seems to be able to produce. It could be that the songs featured on this EP I am so used to hearing with a higher ranger. Isasi clearly is a bass when singing and when you are so used to hearing a female vocal in Blondie’s “Call Me”, the sound is a little odd. If he was a tenor or even a baritone, I think it could have worked.

I have taken a listen to some of the other tracks that are not covers off of the band’s first two albums, and Isasi seems to work well with the group’s style. It is possible that when it comes to covers, I am extremely picky. Cos’ I do love a good cover album.

Overall, this EP release didn’t do much for me; but I will be keeping Sibaris in my sights and will go back and review their previous works at a later date as a whole.

You can follow Sibaris on Twitter atĀ @Sibaris_musica

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