Chenoa – “#SoyHumana” (2016)

Chenoa’s #SoyHumana is a brilliant marketing ploy for social media outlets

You gotta love a girl who is so brilliant when it comes to marketing herself and her own music, especially when working with an indie music label in her home country of Spain. Chenoa cleverly named her album, #SoyHumana, which will trigger social media hashtags just by talking mentioning the singer’s newest album. There is nothing wrong with the concept, in fact, it is incredibly ingenious because many labels and artists pay big money for someone to come up with hashtags that will go viral or trend on the charts. Whoever told her to do this deserves a raise.

Over the years, I have followed Chenoa’s musical discography off and on and have a few of her albums as well as some singles from other albums; but one my recent purchase of music from Spain, I decided to purchase the album to add to my collection and begin to beef up my physical media collection of Chenoa’s works. #SoyHumana is the eighth album of the Argentinean-born Spanish singer and features eleven pop tracks that showcase Chenoa’s vocal talents, as well as her songwriting ability. Ten of the eleven songs were written by Chenoa with her team, which includes Maria Marcus, who seems to have her hand in many of the tracks too and was the first person she thanked by name in the credits.

It’s been three years since Chenoa released an album, and #SoyHumana provides a combination of romantic ballads, as well as some rock-pop tracks that many, including myself, have enjoyed from her previous albums. The first track, “Entra En Mi Realidad” was a great start for the album. It starts hard with a consistent drum beat which is quite enjoyable. It almost has an anthem vibe to it as you can imagine fans in a stadium chanting along with Chenoa. “Tu Y Yo” is also a really good track that features harder guitars and strong bass.

Chenoa got her start on Spain’s talent search program, Operación Triunfo, in 2001 although she was not one of the winners. She was up against other Spanish singers, David Bisbal and David Bustamante. Her presence on the show landed her a record deal with Vale Music, a large label in Spain. She has been going strong ever since her discovery.

When #SoyHumana was released digitally, Chenoa released a special version of the album on Spotify, which contains commentary on the albums. It’s good to see artists embracing all formats and locations, given different versions of the album to different locations; though I was sad to see that it was not offered on vinyl. We settled for the CD version of the album, which contains a booklet with the lyrics to the songs and great photos from this unique cover photoshoot.

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