Sin Bandera – “Una Ultima Vez” (2016)

It’s been 10 years since Sin Bandera has released a new studio album. The romantic Mexican duo separated in the summer of 2007, but the record album never stopped promoting the group, who had won the hearts of the lovers of romantic ballad singers. Over eight different greatest hits have been released from 2007 to now, so it’s almost like they had never left the scenes.

Sin Bandera is made up of Leonel García and Noel Schajris, both of which have made a successful turn into solo careers. Leonel’s success has come more from his collaborations with many of today’s most popular artists including Natalia Lafourcade and has written songs for many others besides Sin Bandera. Noel also has been working with some big names including US artists like John Legend and Brian McKnight. Noel’s soulful voice makes him a good match for some great duets.

Sin Bandera’s “Una Ultima Vez” gives fans the classic sound they were so fond of…

Via the social networks, both Leonel and Noel announced in November of last year that they would be reuniting for a set of concert dates called, “Sin Bandera: Una Ultima Vez” (Sin Bandera: A Last Time), which makes one think the group is not reuniting permanently, but just for this one tour and then returning to their own successful careers. The guys released an EP with six brand new tracks that are completely in tune with what was the band’s original sound. Fans of the group will love the new six songs as they showcase their well-tuned voices. Together, these great soloists have a unique harmony that compliments each other.

Besides their classic romantic ballads, the third track off the EP, “Sobre Mi” is an upbeat pop song that has a really nice beat to it and is destined to be a big hit for the guys. Overall, Sin Bandera had such a huge base of fans that this EP will be successful like all their other albums, which gave the group number one singles with each album released. It is good to see Sin Bandera back together, even if it is just for one last time.

Sin Bandera’s official Twitter account is: @sinbandera
Leonel Garcia: @LeonelGOficial
Noel Schajris: @NoelSchajris

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