Miss Caffeina – “Detroit” (2016)

We were going to review this album when it originally came out, but we purchased on vinyl online from Spain and had to wait about for the long ass time that it took the store in Spain to ship it to us, but it finally arrived and now we can write the review about the album’s music, as well as the quality of the vinyl edition of Miss Caffeina’s newest album, Detroit.

Detroit is the third album of the Spanish rock band that has been performing together for almost ten years. The band seems dedicated to producing quality music versus just putting out music to make a quick buck. The band has made a few EPs when they first arrived on the scene but then has taken year between albums. Miss Caffeina’s previous album was released in 2010. The group decided to take a small turn with Detroit and gave fans a more electronic rock sound, which I find fits the band’s style and the current flow of music coming out of Spain at the moment.

Miss Caffeina’s “Detroit” has an electronic rock sound that seems to be plentiful in Spain at the moment

The group wanted to use synthesizers as the main star of the album, but they didn’t want to take away the strong guitars that were the foundation of the group that they built nearly ten years ago.  The album is a continual growth for the band as they began to explore the electronic feel with their previous album. Alberto Jiménez, the singer of the group, has just the right voice pitch to keep this electronic feel alive. His voice reminds me of that from the Pet Shop Boys, whose electronic edge as made what they are today. This electronic rock seems to be plentiful in Spain at the moment, but I don’t see an oversaturation yet because each one of the artists is taking chances that others are not, making their music more unique.

Miss Caffeina’s first single, “Mira Como Vuelo” shines among the ten other tracks that make up the album, which was produced by Max Dingel, who has worked with international artists such as Goldfrapp and Weezer. The band used a collaboration of many other artists to finalize a well-produced album including, Víctor Cabezuelo (of Mucho fame) who was in charge of all the synthesizers on the album; and Zahara, who handled the beautiful chorus and backup vocals for the song, “Acida”.

When I first heard the album on Spotify, I spent a day falling in love with this band and this album. I was glad I was able to purchase the vinyl version of the album because it is my preferred format. The album was pressed on 180 gram and it includes a copy of the CD, minus artwork, for those fans who like CDs or like to rip to digital formats for their MP3 players. Inside the album is the inner sleeve that features the lyrics to the songs. It is great to see Warner Music Spain supporting the vinyl comeback and especially on lesser-known bands such as Miss Caffeina. Overall, the album is a great piece of musical art that can be appreciated by all pop music lovers.

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