Jetlag – “Vida Teen” (2016)

Boy bands and young teen idols are coming back in Mexico strongly and one of the bands that have been getting a lot of praise and fame right now is a group called Jetlag. Made up of four, not so clean-cut, young men make of this group. The members of Jetlag are: Jan, who is the voice behind the band; Santiago, who plays the guitar; Omar, the drummer; and Emilio is on the bass.

The band’s first single, “Cada Recuerdo” has been burning up the pop chart in Mexico and have gotten significant airplay on the radio station, which has landed them performing at many of the local radio station mini concert events throughout the country. When I first saw that band, I was like…oh just another boy band; but these guys are playing their own instruments and rocking out on all six songs on their first EP that has just been released.

Video for “Cada Recuerdo” is pretty fun. The song’s base is about high school memories and the video takes place at high school reunions over periods of time. The members of the band used wigs, and facial enhancements to make themselves older, fatter, drunk, and a bunch of other style to show a variety of different people and how people’s memories and lives become so very different over time.

The band isn’t just another typical boy band; their music is a lot harder and they have more of a rock edge versus that traditional pop music that boybands like CD9 are releasing. One of the songs, “La Suerte Volvió” has such a great beat and lots of rock rhythms that I think it could easily go up against more seasoned rock bands like Motel or Allison.

Jetlag though has a lot against them, especially on google searches when you use a name like this. The band’s name is in use with another band called Jetlag, a heavy metal punk band; and there is an Asian group called Jetlag too. Mexico’s Jetlag is the best one I think, but then again, I am bias when it comes to Latin pop and rock.

I am glad to see Jetlag’s Vida Teen has been released on CD and not just on digital formats. We might not be able to get it yet in the US, but hopefully soon the songs and album will be available in the US because I think these guys’s not so clean cut image will do well over the in the states.

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