Tatiana – “Reencuentro Conmigo” (2014)

Mexican pop singer, Tatiana has made a living singing and entertaining children for the past twenty-one years when she left Top 40 pop music to focus on a genre that basically was untapped. She left her pop days behind her, which had made her a household name for a good ten years…but she never forgets the music and fans that made her into the star in the first place. Eleven years after her last pop album, Tatiana released “Acustico”, which she released her greatest hits in an acoustic setting and added a couple of favorite songs she used to sing in concert over the years during her pop days.

Tatiana’s Reencuentro Conmigo is a brilliantly produced album that old fans can get behind

Nine years after her acoustic set, Tatiana revisits her pop-era days with an album entitled, Reencuentro Conmigo released on her personal record label, Tatimusic Producciones. This tribute to her adult aged fans, Tatiana presents an eleven-track CD that incorporates both greatest hits as well as some new songs that she recorded just for this album, one of which is a fun duet with Omar Hech, a singer-songwriter that hails from Tatiana’s native state of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Another cool duet off the album is her reunion with Ex-Menudo member, Johnny Losada with the song, “Cuando Estemos Juntos”.  In 1985, Tatiana and Johnny were part of a campaign in Mexico for planned parenthood and recorded two songs teaching the young people of Mexico that it is okay to say no to sex and telling them to wait. The campaign received much praise even in the US. In Tatiana’s 2005 acoustic album, Johnny was featured there too.

Unlike the acoustic version, this album’s revisit to her pop days is with a full band and the music has been updated to today’s style of music, even those most dated 80’s tracks like “El Amor No Se Calla”. Fans from Tatiana’s early days will enjoy the revisiting of these classic songs as Tatiana’s voice is a little stronger and more matured, which obviously comes from 30 years of non-stop performing; but her sound and classic voice brings you back to the good ol’ ’80s with her anthem “Chicas De Hoy”.

The new songs like “Salud Y Hasta Mañana” make fans want Tatiana to return to adult contemporary pop music and I hope that we won’t have to wait another 10 years before we get music for us and not our children. I, personally, would like to see Tatiana find a happy balance between both genres like people like Lucero, who have found nice balances between pop and ranchero.

Reencuentro Conmigo is a brilliantly produced album that old fans can get behind and enjoy because it gives us classic Tatiana as well as a new adult Tatiana that we have fallen in love with again.

You can follow Tatiana on Twitter at @TatianaPalacios

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