Rio Roma – “Eres La Persona Correcta En El Momento Equivocado” (2016)

This is the first time, other than a small news aritcle, that we are featuring the popular romantic ballad duo, Rio Romo, on the website. Before we go into the album, let me give you a little background on the group. Rio Roma made up of two brothers, Jose Luis Roma and Raul Roma. Jose Luis got his start in the music industry as a member of the boy band, Ciao Mama (we will eventually have them on our website too). With Ciao Mama, Jose Luis recorded two albums. In 2008, the brothers got together and recorded their first album under the name “Josel Y Raul”, which was in the norteño genre.

In 2011, the brothers revamped their style and sound and formed the group, Rio Roma, and focused their music on the romantic ballad side, with some songs a little bit more upbeat but have a regional feel to them. The brothers leaped to fame pretty quickly with their romantic ballads and the girls and their mother’s swoon over their voices. I was told by Sandra Elizondo, former Fandango member, that Rio Roma is the kind of music that really cuts into your veins. There is so much love in their voices and lyrics that you just melt away.

Rio Roma doesn’t really fall into music that I would seek out and find, which is why I don’t own any of their music personal. The group has release two previous albums which have topped the chart and have earned them many prestigious awards. This album gives Rio Roma a new sound that is different from their previous two albums. The duo dabbles in various rhythms that include la cumbia, vallenato (which is tradtional folk music from Columbia, and even a little reggae. The album also features two duets, one with the Columbian singer, Fonseca; and the other is with Los Angeles Azules, a mexican band that performs cumbia music.

The album is filled with a combination of ballads, upbeat rhythmic with sounds as discussed as well has trying to touch some of the pop fans with the song, “Cuenta Comingo”, which is a fun little pop song that fans of Top40 pop can get behind. For the music lover who likes his share of ballads as well as fun numbers, Rio Roma has a little bit for everyone-but if you love the romance, this album is for you.

You can follow Rio Roma on Twitter at @RioRomamx

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