L-Kan – “Lo Nuevo Y Lo Viejo” (2016)

The Spanish indie band, L-Kan is celebrating 15 years of music with a new album which brings some of the band’s greatest hits as well as some new songs for both new and old fans.

L-Kan is Miranda, B-52’s and Devo all wrapped up in very loud & gaudy suits

Under the Subterfuge label, which produces Spain’s most obscure and indie pop music, L-Kan has been promoting this new album for quite a while and has been touring throughout Spain with their 15 Year tour. The album goes along with the tour, but it is not a concert album. All the music is studio tracks. Twenty-one tracks make up this Greatest Hit album that is entitled official, “Lo Nuevo y Lo Viejo. Canciones Fósiles y Canciones Flamantes”. Big title, so we are just going to shorten it to Lo Nuevo Y Lo Viejo (The New and The Old),

It is hard to describe L-Kan’s style of music, so I made some comparisons. They remind me of a toned-down version of the Mexican pop band, Miranda, with influences of The B-52’s with their female counterpart (same style of voice), and the strong simple electronic sound of Devo. But those bands all together in some bright, loud, and gaudy multicolored suits and you have L-Kan.

The members of the band are Belén Chanes Gálvez, Rafael Olav Fernández Sánchez, Javier Marugán Barrios, and Luis García Morais; but they go by B Kan, O Kan, M Kan, and L Kan.

I think that if you like those bands listed above, one will like what L-Kan has to offer. This album is a great starting point for newbies because you can hear the group’s classic tracks, along with the new album. What I find interesting is that I didn’t know this was a greatest hits album when I first starting listening to it. You know how sometimes, the songs sound like they are from different producers and different time periods. L-Kan’s sound is so unique and so very there’s that you can’t tell a song that is fifteen years old versus something that was recorded yesterday. The music flows perfectly together and the band seems to have found a niche that has kept them relative for more than a decade. This is great, especially for an indie band.

You can find L-Kan on Twitter at @lkan and if you want to sample the group’s music before committing, check them out on Spotify.

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