Carla Mauri – “Mundo Ideal” (2013-2015)

Following in her dad’s footsteps, Carla Mauri celebrates pop music with Mundo Ideal.

Carla Mauri is no stranger when it comes to the entertainment business. Her father is Toño Mauri, one of the members of the 80’s pop group, Fresas Con Crema. She grew up around her dad’s success and learned music at an early age, taking piano classes and learned to play the guitar. Despite being able to play instruments, her first love was for singing and this was the right time in the music industry for Carla to step out and present her debut album, Mundo Ideal.

Part in Spanish, and part in Spanish, Carla Mauri shows that she is versatile in both languages. Her English songs are not just a translation of the Spanish versions, which is what a lot of Latin artists do when they want to cross over into English. The songs are unique and are their own vehicle in the language, and I don’t see that she is forcing the language which will help for her ultimate goal of becoming an entertainer in both Mexican and US markets.

The album is a true presentation of what pop music is and she doesn’t use any of the typical “urban duets” to gain instant followers. Because of this, I think she has not broken out of Mexico yet; she will probably need something along those lines in order to crossover to the US market. I don’t think that the album as a whole will allow her to cash into the pop princess idea here in the US. The US market relies too much on gimmicks and rubbing noses with the right people in order to even get airplay.  Do I think Carla Mauri can do a crossover? It is possible but she may need to lose the “good girl” image.

Mundo Ideal portrays Carla Mauri has the girl next door, who might be able to tease but she is not flirting with the audience. The album and music is solid and is exactly what a pop album is supposed to be. She worked with Kika Pulido, a vocalist and singer-songwriter who has been working as studio chorus for artists including Alejandro Sanz, for the writing of the music for Mundo Ideal. In 2015, Carla reissued the album with four additional tracks. The reissue is called Mundo Ideal (Recordando A Fresas Con Crema); Carla recorded four songs from her father’s group, Fresas Con Crema. Toño even helped with a duet with his daughter for the song, “Como No Quererte A Ti”.

Her versions of the Fresas Con Crema songs just prove that even the most dated 80’s music can be revamped and made into music that can cross generations.

Carla Mauri can be followed on Twitter at @carla_mauri

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