Flor Amargo – “Carrusel” (2010)

Flor Amargo, an independent singer-songwriter has scored big with her debut solo album, Carrusel.  Full of soul and spirit, and a breath of fresh air, this album from 2010 graced my morning over and over again. In preparation for this review, I had the album on repeat on Spotify where you can listen for yourself how awesome this album truly is and good to know it is available for purchase on CD. This is a woman, who I see having a very successful career ahead of her.

Carrusel doesn’t just go around in circles, but more like a roller coaster of feelings, genres, and styles. The album begins with the title track, a pop track with a unique combination of tango and polka with Italian influences. This is what begins not just an album, but a work of art and you can really feel that these are not just songs but tell a story. The album has the guts to be a Top40 album, but too much soul and individuality that keeps it from falling into the pit of the monotony that has become pop music today.

What I liked so much about the album is that Flor Armago begins and ends her album with songs that don’t fall under rock nor pop; they are so unique and they surround some of the best alternative rock songs that I have heard in a long time. I hate using the word best because it is so opinionated, but hell…for an indie artist, her voice and sound compared to many high selling US artists.

I was intrigued by Flor Amargo when I first heard a duet with Madame Récamier, another indie artist, that was so alternative that it took me back to the 20’s silent film era. There is a group of artists that have been on our radar for a while, which also includes Mon Laferte, and Flor Amargo is among that group as her follow-up album to Carrusel features duets with a lot of these artists. I foresee that PopEnEspanol.com is going to have their attention turned to see what comes from them.

The album has given me a couple of new favorite songs that will be gracing my permanent playlist, “No Te Atreves” and “Miao” are the favorite tracks; but I don’t think there is a bad track off their album.

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