Tatiana – “Salta Sin Parar” (2015)

During the 80’s and early ’90s, I was a big Tatiana fan and loved her pop music; but when Tatiana turned to kids’ music, I was one of the adult fans who fled when the music just really didn’t our musical interests. Every so often, Tatiana gives her adult pop fans a treat and releases something for them in between your popular children’s albums. But about a month or so ago, my wife and I had a discussion about “kids” music and where it falls in the work of pop en Español and well…it’s pop music. So, here we are reviewing Tatiana’s newest children’s album “Salta Sin Parar”.

I have to keep an open mind when it comes to the music because in the back of my mind I keep thinking that this doesn’t fall within my parameters, but truly it does though I don’t think I would hear this on Top40 radio. After spending the last few hours listening to hard rock music, coming into Tatiana’s “Salta Sin Parar” is like throwing Metallica on a Merry-Go-Round. This first track on the album is the title track and it is a pretty fun song. But knowing enough Spanish to understand the lyrics, the song “No Me Quiero Bañar” is quite funny and tells kids that they need to take baths or they will stay a pig.

The album’s music has a little bit for everyone. You have a rap song, there is an old-time flapper song with the song “Mi Amigo Canino”, banda music, rock music, and more. The techno electronic song called “Buho Inteligente” is quite enjoyable and if I didn’t understand the songs I wouldn’t be able to tell it is for “kids”. While I still like Tatiana’s pop music and like to have more adult lyrics, the album as a whole is pretty enjoyable and works for her demographic. One of the things I really like about Tatiana from today to the Tatiana of yesterday is that her voice is exactly the same and that is my favorite part of her (other that she is a pretty cool person in real life as I have met her many times over the years), Her voice stands out from all other artists and is easily recognizable at first listen.

You can follow Tatiana’s very active Twitter account at @TatianaPalacios.

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