Belinda – “Catarsis” (2013)

This past weekend, we reviewed Belinda’s “Utopia”; now I am moving down the shelf to work on more reviews from albums I actually own on CD. This brings me to CATARSIS, Belinda’s third album which was released in 2013. After the success of Utopia and the record label change, Belinda had more freedom to create music that she wanted and she could take more chances with her new freedom. The result is Belinda’s Cataris. We also see a more grown-up Belinda where she is no longer the cute pop princess that the music industry saw six years prior. With Catarsis, Belinda shows a more sexy and seductive side; this move was inevitable as most young artists go the sex sells route versus just putting out good music. Now, I might get tons of flack from that statement but it’s said. Oh well…

Now, with it said that doesn’t mean that Belinda didn’t put out a good album. She is doing exactly what everyone else is and was doing at the time so when I hear that she could take more chances with music; I don’t know what chance she took other than the album jumps from pop with a rock edge to an electronic pop club music and is one of the million artists who is “featuring” Pitbull in at least one of her songs. “I Love You…Te Quiero” is club bound with high energy, electronic synthesizers, and Pitbull; but it is hella fun. I love myself some decent club music and Belinda gives it to the fans and music world. Even Belinda’s ballads on Catarsis keep with the electronic beats which can be heard on “Como Si Fueramos Novios”.

Toward the end of the album, I feel the party drags with three ballads in a row before Belinda kicks up one more time with “After We Make Love” which features Vein, a DJ. Overall, the majority of the album is like being at a party at a club and if you love the club scene, then you will love this album. If not, there will be a handful of fun songs that hold their own without getting the whole album.

Belinda can be followed on Twitter at @belindapop.

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