Niño Pajaro – “Agitalo” (2016)

Niño Pajaro is a rock band from Madrid, Spain, whose influences include Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Flamenco…I know, weird combination but honestly, it works. And I am seriously loving the funk part of the band’s sound. Sadly, I don’t much about them. What I could find out is that they won “Villa de Madrid en 2002″ then took a break, but are now back with what looks like a first complete album*, Agitalo.

Released under an independent rock label, Rockest Recordswhich is part of Rock Estatal Records; this is where I found out about Niño Parajo, from Rock Estatal Records twitter page. The album’s funk sound combined with the vocals that remind me of classic rock with a hint of the raspy heavy metal sound. And this is nothing like anything I currently own and I am seriously jamming away at three in the morning to this album that is available to stream on Spotify.

For us non-Spanish speaking listeners, the album is totally too hard for us to even try to sing along but there is no reason that you couldn’t turn this up on your car stereo and total rock out to this while cruising down the street. It is almost like a good wake-up in the morning music and to gets going, especially the song “Bien, Bien, Bien”, which is probably one of my favorite songs off the album.

I think the downfall of Niño Parajo will be the lack of presence on the social media outlets, Twitter, which is a great way for an independent band like this to gain followers. I spent way too much time trying to find the band that I almost wanted to ignore them because I just couldn’t find them on Twitter, the best place to find out about new music and new artists. The band seems to be more active on Facebook, but they advertise and very outdated MySpace page as their website. If I can tell the band and their record label anything, it must be to get this band to use their twitter account which is @Nino_Pajaro, which only has one post from 2012 on it.

One thought on “Niño Pajaro – “Agitalo” (2016)

  1. Thank u very much, we apreciate your words and your advice about twiter, you are totally right.; We will create it.


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