Single Review: Anahi – “Eres” Featuring Julion Alvarez

It has been a few years since we have seen a new album from Ex-RBD member, Anahi, but you don’t need to wait much longer. Anahi has a new album scheduled to be released in May 2016; and this past February, the third single from the album was released. “Eres” is a duet ballad featuring Julion Alvarez, a traditional Mexican singer.

It is so odd to see so many singles pop up before the album is even released. Back in the “old” days, before all the digital streaming, artists would release the album and the first single pretty close together. They would perform all their promotion, then release a second single and then a third. Today, the need for an actual album seems to be irrelevant in the first place. Spend two year releasing single after single, then after you have sponged as much money as you can from your fans off singles then release a full length album to suck even more money from fans. This seems to be have Anahi has done her.

Anahi’s first single is an urban duet with the popular urbano artist, Wisin, called “Rumba”. The second single is “Boom Cha” which is an electronic cha-cha featuing Zuzuka Poderosa, a Brazilian DJ. With these singles, Anahi is all over the board making it hard to even know what theme or sound the actual album with have; especially when the third single is a ballad that does not fit the sounds from the previous two songs. I can see “Rumba” and “Boom Cha” together on an album that is going to have urban tendencies, but with her ballad that steers so far away from any electronic or urbano accents; “Eres” doesn’t fit.

And sadly, “Eres” isn’t even a decent track. The two of them don’t have chemistry and I feel that the only reason this duet took place is because of Anahi’s recent marriage to the governor of the state of Chiapas and Julion Alvarez is a beloved norteño singer in Chiapas. It was most likely a way to have the people from Chiapas become comfortable to know that their “first lady” is a pop idol. Just feels so forced.

So far what I have heard from the upcoming Anahi album, I am not impressed and I was all praise on Anahi’s previous albums after her stint with RBD.

You can follow Anahi on twitter at @Anahi


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